Since his childhood, Tiago has always dreamed about making films. This dream started becoming reality when he was accepted into Medialogy, one of the first courses in Brazil to prepare individuals to this industry. It prepared him to work with a variety of medias, taught with a holistic vision of all the process.

After that, he worked for 4 years with live streaming, giving him the strength to be ready for an ever changing environment. But was in post-production that he has found the colors of his life! Working both as freelance and as a permanent member of staff, he has focused on the color correction and grading of documentaries, corporate videos, short and feature films, production team management and online videos.

He has worked on a variety of editing systems and he is familiar with all of the current post-production technologies and formats with a strength in Davinci Resolve and Assimilate Scratch.
He owns a Mac Pro colour grading suite with Davinci Resolve Studio, a reference monitor and a BlackMagic Panel.

He is use to working under pressure, and he is perfectionist regarding the final quality of the final product. He is very detail oriented and loves to understand client projects to get them the best color.